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:redalert: by KinnisonArc Group is on HIATUS! :redalert: by KinnisonArc

As of April 2016 this group is officially on a break! Requests to join the group have been turned off and won't re-open until I have the proper time for this place again. Right now I am rarely on DA, let alone the groups. D: I'm sorry for that, but things changes sometimes. For those who are already members, if you wish to leave, feel free to do so. No hard feelings will be held toward you for it BUT I do want to thank you for sticking it out with me and here till now. <3 Until I can return, take care guys!!

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Most of the resources you see here are NOT free to use. These were commissioned for my use only. To read who did what and if it’s an open resource or not, CLICK HERE!

CakeX Member' Birthdays~!

If you happen to pass by & notice that today is someone's birthday, would you please be so kind to take a moment to wish them a Happy Birthday? Dear Members, please visit the and leave a comment there with your info if you would like to be added to this list!

January Birthdays!
FlatlineOnSteroids - 1.3
HelloMayday - 1.5
viscarla - 1.7
Chaoz14 - 1.14
Silver-Tao111 - 1.15
Ziiendris - 1.24
MajorBlades - 1.30

February Birthdays!
allyalltheway - 2.10
Cristatella - 2.25

March Birthdays!
Darboe - 3.4
Prospitian-Monarch - 3.9
Lesley-x - 3.16
Suvinara - 3.17
Lady-Maaka - 3.17
vaunu - 3.21
ErikaRobbins - 3.23

April Birthdays!
pokemonlpsfan - 4.2
Swagamemnon - 4.4
Amistra (codedheart) - 4.15
snowmask - 4.19
EndlesslySparkly - 4.24
Lexicon2008 - 4.27

May Birthdays!
KalteEinsamkeit - 5.1
ApprenticeOfArt - 5.5
b-eii - 5.7
SinMisericordia21 - 5.8
Dasher-Pikachu - 5.8
Kurenai-3O - 5.9
Natureboy3 - 5.10
MigratorBird-Razile - 5.11
No1Daisyfan - 5.12
JUAN91 - 5.14
Shadowpony567 - 5.14
wintercool612 - 5.14
SerenityFey - 5.24
fluffieball - 5.26

June Birthdays!
High-Horizon - 6.5
StevenForeman - 6.10
VoiceOfTheOutcasts - 6.12
XeoDon - 6.14
Boxof-Smilee - 6.17
foreverstory - 6.18

July Birthdays!
RomadE - 7.10
RandomDeviant347 - 7.10
ERA-7 - 7.17
hixdei-love - 7.19
SEVMD - 7.21
Drache-Lehre - 7.28 (Me!)
xxBrandy - 7.31
HerrLinde - 7.31

August Birthdays!
zaz14ispottermad - 8.7
PaintThat - 8.9
PopRocksV - 8.12
leglaunecmichel - 8.16
LimLam - 8.20
EscapingEnnui - 8.22
Shadow-Guardian0 - 8.22
pastelgerms - 8.28
SmearingSin - 8.30
enkeli19 - 8.31

September Birthdays!
narutohidanlove - 9.13
SeeressYeul - 9.16
wafflecheese30 - 9.21
NightPixels - 9.24
PerlerDavid - 9.26

October Birthdays!
AccioPumpkin - 10.1
AquaSeashells - 10.6
Milenist - 10.14
PoLlOrOn - 10.18
svyre - 10.24
EmoWolf26 - 10.26
Metarex12 - 10.27
OmoriP - 10.28

November Birthdays!
nkfloofiepoof - 11.5
doqberry - 11.6
Arkenidae - 11.9
Galactic-Rainbow - 11.13

December Birthdays!
JATGProductions - 12.1
DragonHeartLuver - 12.3
Wolflover1086 - 12.3
Laasuzi - 12.3
Mihawk-Fan - 12.4
Icy-Roulette - 12.5
SoulKillur - 12.9
edeline1812 - 12.18
AkatsukiKurohana - 12.20
MjaxMajoran - 12.22
ZjosKE - 12.24
ArinaFoxy - 12.25
starsleeps - 12.25
HavickArt - 12.27
If you want to try to get even MORE Birthday Comments, then go visit birthdays. It is simple, just read and follow their steps to get added onto their list!

If you would like to surprise someone with a gift, then please visit the to read what they like to help you with ideas on what you can do for them!


Affiliates Open!

We are open to any type of group or club for affiliates! Just send in your request!
We have the right to deny tho for any reason; there are certain things we look for and some which we discourage.


Are you Full?!

Cake badges are more of a challenge to obtain because unlike the llama badge, these are NOT free. Each one costs 80 :points:. You can buy them for yourself, have your friends help you, try out cake trading thru us or see if you can get a chance at drawing our mascot in exchange for a cake badge. (More info on the last bit soon.)


Help us Continue the Cake Gifting!

Hello there! If you like our cause, then perhaps you'd like to help us a little? Duck Dance Emote by Mirz123 The best way anyone can help is by donating some :points:. Any amount is greatly appreciated. These go towards being able to continue gifting cake badges to folks when it is their birthday, prizes for events we host and to help keep the group subby.

:iconcakextraordinare: has baked and delivered 26 cakes! *Retired*
:icondrache-lehre: has baked and delivered 131 cakes! *Still Baking*
:icontonibytes: has baked and delivered 5 cakes! *Retired*

As much as I would love to be able to give to everybody on my own, I am afraid I am not able to do so anymore. ^^; Sooo I turn to you for some help; our members and any passer-bys who would be so kind to help support our cause! If you can't donate, then even spreading the word about us and what we can do surely do some good too!

Want a Cake Badge?!

PC -= Chibi Dragon =- by Makojupiter

Here at CakeXtravaganza we find it more satisfying to help each other gain the badges by Trading! It works the same as the llama trading only the cake badge requires :points: Thus it can be more of a challenge but when you can find someone, it is more fun for collecting your cakes instead of buying your own. The folks you see listed here are wanting to trade! Before you send one, please contact them first to confirm it. Sometimes they run out before I am able to update this.

:iconlaasuzi: - 12 cakes!
:iconziiendris: - 2 cakes! Zii says;
"I only ever accept 1 Cake Badge trade per person; I'd like to trade with as many different people as possible."
:iconakatsukikurohana: - 5 cakes! Akatsu says;
"I get most of my :points: from giving llamas. It can take a looooong time for me to earn a significant amount of points. So definitely ask before giving me a cake. :)"

To get added here, please visit the
Cake Blog!


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You are most welcome! And thank you for joining too. I hope you come to have fun here. :XD:
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