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The February Birthdays!

Mon Dec 22, 2014, 5:28 AM by Drache-Lehre:icondrache-lehre:

Today's Birthday~!


Go show them some Birthday Cheer please!

The Birthday's for this month are ::

allyalltheway - 2.10
KibaPandaRo - 2.23
Cristatella - 2.25

If you wouldn't mind sparing a moment, would you please give them a visit and wish them a Happy Birthday? :meow: Even a be-lated is appreciated! I am sure it will make their day just a bit better if not great. =D

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On the homepage you see only the date of each person’s birthday. But if you want to do a surprise gift; this place will help you with ideas by learning a few things they like! :meow: This is for VIEWING pleasure only! If you wish to be added to this blog, click the link below to learn how!

If you happen to pass by and notice it is someone's birthday, would you please be so kind and take a moment to visit their page and wish them a Happy Birthday? :aww:

Legend :: Username - Date - Favorites; Color/Cartoon Character/Animal

FlatlineOnSteroids -  1.3.oo ~  white, black, and yellow. / favourite TV character is Xena. / Anything cute and cuddly  
HelloMayday -  1.5.oo ~ Lt Blue / Pooky (Garfield's plushie) / Cat
viscarla -  1.7.oo ~ Neon green, purple, black /  Tak from invader zim / Cat  
Chaoz14 -  1.14.oo ~ Red, black and white / Son Goku from Saiyuki / Pandas!  
Silver-Tao111 - 1.15.00 ~  Red, Green, Blue, and black. / Loki / Deer, Hyena, dragon is my top fav
Ziiendris - 1.24.oo ~ Black, Blue, and Purple / Guilmon (Digimon Tamers) / Dragon
MajorBlades -  1.30.oo ~ Orange & Green / Garfield / Cats, Snakes and Horses  
allyalltheway -  2.10.oo ~ Violet, Aqua and Turquoise / Mulan / Wolf or tiger!  
Cristatella -  2.25.oo ~ Red, Blue, Purple and Black / Twilight Sparkle from MLP:FIM / Seals, Turtles, Narwhals and Cows.  
Prospitian-Monarch -  3.9.oo ~ Green, dark blue, and mahogany / Breif, from PASWG. Or Chuck, 'Cause he's cool like that./  Narwhals and Gryphons
Lesley-x -  3.16.oo ~ Red & Black / Ariel & Lydia Deetz / Kitty
Lady-Maaka -  3.17.oo ~  My fav colour is the rainbows!!  I really don't have a fav colour but since you told us to pick atless 3 then it would have to be red, yellow and blue hehe. / Alucard from hellsing / fish. pretty fish.
Suvinara -  3.17.oo ~ Purple / Porthos / Dragon  
vaunu -  3.21.oo ~  Blue, Orange and Green / Sebastian (Kuroshitsuji) / Raven <33
ErikaRobbins -  3.23.oo
pokemonlpsfan -  4.2.oo ~ purple, red and pink /  mlp fim rainbow dash / cats and dogs  
Swagamemnon -  4.4.oo ~  Dark green, black, silver! / Monster High's Operetta and Abbey. MLP's Dashie and Derpy. Mulan's my favourite Disney princess. / I love all monsters from Greek mythology, but my favourite "real" animals are the cat, the penguins, and the epic extinct dinosaurs.  
Darboe - 4.4 ~ Black and Violet / Kageyama Reiji and Shindou Takuto (Inazuma eleven) / Sharks and Mythological creatures like Quetzalcoatl
Amistra (codedheart)  -  4.15.oo ~  Rosy pink, pale teal and spring green / Amy Rose (Sonic), Starmie & Misty (PoKMoN) / Cats, dragons and hedgehogs
snowmask -  4.19.oo ~ Dioxazine Purple / Bobby Hill / Plesiosaur
EndlesslySparkly -  4.24.oo ~ Green / Thalia / Fox or Snow White
Lexicon2008 -  4.27.oo
KalteEinsamkeit -  5.1.oo ~ Black, purple and kind of crimson-y blood colour / BB From Death Note / Draculoids (from MCR's album Danger Days)  
ApprenticeOfArt -  5.5.oo
b-eii -  5.7.oo ~ Navy / Rin Okumura / Panda  
SinMisericordia21 -  5.8.oo ~ Slate Blue (blue-grey) / Legato Bluesummers / Wolf  
Dasher-Pikachu -  5.8.oo ~ Bright Green / Pikachu / Hamster  
Kurenai-3O -  5.9.oo ~ Dark Red / Tenten from Naruto / cat  
Natureboy3 -  5.10.oo ~ Hunter Green / Edd / Cat
MigratorBird-Razile -  5.11.oo ~ Blue-White-Black / sanosuki- senchi from conan / wolves , horses , dragons & birds
No1Daisyfan -  5.12.oo ~ Orange, Yellow and Green! / Princess Daisy (Super Mario Bros) / Dragon  
JUAN91 -  5.14.oo ~ Red Blood / The Total drama series (Island, Action, World tour) / Panda Bear  
wintercool612 -  5.14.oo ~  Blue  / Fred Fredburger / Liger (tiger & lion combo)
Shadowpony567 - 5.14.oo ~ Purple,Pink,Green/ Soul Evans / Horse
SerenityFey -  5.24.oo ~ Lavender, Black, Plum Purple, Silver / Belle from Disney, characters from Avatar, the Akatsuki from Naruto, Sophie and Howl from Howl's moving castle.....the list goes on for eternity (and that isn't even considering video game characters....) /   Dragons! Or ferrets, if we want to keep it on a more normal scale XD
fluffieball -  5.26.oo ~ Green / Gokudera Hayato from Reborn / Dog & Seal  
High-Horizon -  6.5.oo ~  Browns, Greys, dull/natural colours / Nbhw Khamsin (from Shakugan no Shana) / Horse  
StevenForeman -  6.10.oo ~ Blue / Haku ( from Spirited Away) / Dragon
VoiceOfTheOutcasts -  6.12.oo ~ Black, Gray, Red / Rolf (Ed, Edd n Eddy) / CATBUG ??
Boxof-Smilee -  6.17.oo ~ Purple / Alice / Pig
foreverstory -  6.18.oo ~ Light Blue & Pink / Any Canine type  
RomadE -  7.10.oo ~ Aoi Kirishima  
RandomDeviant347 -  7.10.oo ~  Green / Dogs
ERA-7 -  7.17.oo ~ Orange / Ratchet (from Transformers Prime) / Tiger  
hixdei-love -  7.19.oo ~ Purple / Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji / Axolotl
SEVMD - 7.21.oo ~ Pastel green,blue and purple /  Anime - Jonathan Joestar (jojo's bizarre adventure hantom blood) / Chinchilla
xxBrandy -  7.31.oo ~ Blue, Black & Gray / Rest N/A  
HerrLinde -  7.31.oo ~  Actually I like the green and blue colourscheme that this group's got going on here =] I don't really have favourites, but I do prefer rich and warm colours, and basically anything that matches   / Erza Scarlet (fairy tail), Grey Fullbuster (fairy tail), Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin (Ouran Highschool Host Club) /  Anything feline, dogs and dinosaurs too ^^
BOBBOBISON -  8.3.oo ~ Red, Orange, Blue, Cyan, White, Certain shades of pink, and Butter / My favorite cartoon character probably has to be either Pinkie Pie (from MLP) or Princess Luna (from MLP) / Dogs. No doubt.  
zaz14ispottermad -  8.7.oo ~ Blue / Scoobydoo / Cats
PaintThat -  8.9.oo ~ Light Blue / Theodor from Alvin and the chipmunks! / Horses
PopRocksV -  8.12.oo ~  Purple / No Face from 'Spirited Away' / Phoenix
leglaunecmichel -  8.16.oo ~ blue, red, black / Wile E. Coyote / sphinx  
LimLam -  8.20.oo ~ Pink / Minnie Mouse / Raccoon  
EscapingEnnui -  8.22.oo ~ Lilac & turquoise / Rorscach / Gazelle, Tiger, Lion
Shadow-Guardian0 - 8.22 ~ Red, Black and white / Charizard / Dragons and werewolves!
pastelgerms - 8.28 ~ black, blue, green / Character Danny Phantom / Cats and Wolfs
SmearingSin -  8.30.oo ~ Orange, blue, & silver / Korra from The Legend of Korra / Wolves & foxes
enkeli19 -  8.31.oo ~ Blue / Agito/Akito Air Gear… / Dog - German Shepherd/Corgi (way too cute of a mix)…
Milenist - 9.14 ~ Gold, Silver, Purple / Dog, Phoenis, Lion.
SeeressYeul / (cammy-mai)  -  9.16.oo
wafflecheese30 - 9.21 ~ Green, Blue & Yellow / -- / Turtle
NightPixels -  9.24.oo ~ Blue, purple and red / Pikachu, kirby, Light Yagami, Turtwig / Dogs, Parrots, unicorns and narwhal  
PerlerDavid -  9.26.oo ~ Green, blue and black (if that counts as a colour) / Viral (from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann) / Cat  
AccioPumpkin - 10.1.oo ~ Blue (as in internet explorer blue), Black, and White. Teal if you mean one color on its own/ Beemo (B-MO) and LSP from Adventure Time!/ Real: Brown/Grizzly Bear. (my spirit guide! ^^) Mythical: Gryphon
PoLlOrOn -  10.18.oo ~  Cyan / Billy from ? / Panda Bear
svyre -  10.24.oo ~ turquoise, purple, red / Ariel from The little mermaid / cats!  
EmoWolf26 -  10.26.oo ~  Purple, silver & Black / Raven & Wolf ^_^  
Metarex12 -  10.27.oo ~  Red, Black, White, Gray/Silver, and Rainbow / Metarex (Sonic X), Shadow (Sonic X), Sonic (Sonic X), Sebastian (Black Butler), Undertaker (Black Butler), Amaimon (Ao no Exorcist), Placido (Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds), and Jaden (Yu-Gi-Oh GX) / Dog, Dragon, snake, cat, birds, fish, swan & turles
OmoriP -  10.28.oo ~ Purple, Green & White
nkfloofiepoof -  11.5.oo ~  Blue / Optimus Prime / Spotted skunks  
doqberry - 11.6 ~ Black, Red, Neon blue / Rarity (MLP) / Tiger
Arkenidae -  11.9.oo ~ Red, Purple, Yellow / America from Hetalia / Wolf  
Galactic-Rainbow -  11.13.oo ~ Light pink, white / Jigglypuff / Ladybugs
JATGProductions -  12.1.oo ~ Iridescent, blue, black / Sailor Starhealer (Sailormoon) / Cax (A cat/Kitsune fox hybrid)  
DragonHeartLuver -  12.3.oo ~ Black, Silver, white, purple, blue, red / John & Akatora / Tiger, Wolf and Snakes
Mihawk-Fan -  12.4.oo ~ Blue, purple, and red / Shanks from One Piece / A pug puppy  
Icy-Roulette - 12.5.oo ~ Baby blue, navy blue, white/ Armin Arlert (SNK)/ Barn owl
SoulKillur -  12.9.oo ~  Lime green, Black, and Purple. / Poliwhril from Pokemon. / White Tiger.
edeline1812 -  12.18.oo ~  Yellow, Blue, Black & Red / -- Sakura Haruno, Hinata Hyuuga, Ino Yamanaka, TenTen, Sasuke Uchiha, Itachi Uchiha (Naruto) -- Hotaru Tomoe [Saturn], Trista/Setsuna [Pluto] (Sailor Moon) -- Mercedes (MapleStory) and other chars from the game -- Black Rock Shooter -- Vocaloid <-- Anyone -- My OCs / Mythical Creatures, Bunnies, Cats, Dogs or anything cute
ZjosKE -  12.24.oo ~ Orange / Mad jack the Pirate / Owls  
ArinaFoxy -  12.25.oo ~ Blue & Purple / Chihiro & Mulan / Fox
starsleeps -  12.25.oo ~ Ice Blue / Pikachu  
HavickArt -  12.27.oo ~ Black/Green/Blue / PantherLilly, Simba , Kovu , Charlie B. , Taurus / Husky  

If you want to try to get MORE Birthday Comments on your day then, go on over to :iconbirthdays:.
Read and follow their steps if you want to be added onto their list!

Calling all you Cake TRADERS!

Sat Jan 5, 2013, 9:46 AM by Drache-Lehre:icondrache-lehre:

This is where I would like you guys to please post letting me know if you are wanting to do the cake trade (get a cake to return a cake). If you are the one to give a cake first, this will  help you know others open to the trade. However, even with being listed here I would suggest to still ask first before you give to make sure they are with points to return it. :meow: Either reach out to ask them via note or you can reply to their post made here to ask.

I do ask that you only take part in this if you're an honest trader. I really want this to be fair and fun by having honest traders. If you have NO intention of returning it, please don't sign up to be on this list. While being a member of this group, cake trading is NOT required. The idea is only to help those who DO want too trade to gain the cake badges. :aww:

Post the following to be Added ::

1. How many you can *currently* trade/return?
2. Any other message you want listed by your name for passer-bys to be aware of?

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Concerning DA's Cake Badge~!

Hello there. If you were directed to this blog upon your membership being accepted, it means that your account is younger then 6 months. Out of courtesy I would like to share with you ::

When the day comes, if your account is under 6 months you will not be given a DA cake badge.

You will still get to enjoy the other benefits I try to do; the comments on your day and the journal feature in my attempt to encourage others to spread some b-day cheer your way as well. Not to mention I have a few other things I hope to be able to start giving out on a regular basis once I get caught up with everything else. Thus being a member there are still things to enjoy. If you can not agree to this then you are more then welcome to remove yourself as a member. I will understand and there won't be any hard feelings. :meow:

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The Rules - General and Gallery

Thu Oct 28, 2010, 4:52 PM by Drache-Lehre:icondrache-lehre:

General Guidelines~!

Just like every other group, there needs to be rules to help things run smoothly and without stress or confusion! Since this place is new there might not be many for now but as we progress, I shall add them as I see fit if there is any need! If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to post them here or send a NOTE to the group directly or myself, Drache-Lehre As of right now, you will only get 2 warnings. Each offense is tallied with a strike. Get your 3rd one and you will be kicked from the group. Kicked; not blocked so you'd have the chance to return but if you was to get one more strike after that then you'd see yourself banned.

How to Join ::
  1. Click "Join Group" on the Home Page
  2. Wait until an Admin can check it!

Wall Comments (aka the Home Page) ::
  1. Please do NOT post Spam; such as Advertising, Begging, asking about Llamas! This is not a source for you to find buyers nor is this a charity where you can beg for points or cakes and llama posts should be kept to the llama groups.
  2. Posts or questions related to this group is allowed. I will even allow posts who are seeking to trade cake for a cake. But I do ask if you are not honest about it, please don’t do it, for it will just be treated as spam. I don't want the page to become ugly with posts just asking/begging/stating you want to get a cake. (These will be reported as spam, repeated offenses will result in being kicked/banned from the group) Asking or sharing kindly that you are open for a true TRADE of cake badges, this I will allow. ^^

Overall Behavior ::
    Please use manners and common sense. I won’t tolerate any bashing or insulting of any kind. Critique is one thing and that is only when it is asked for. This is meant to be a fun and peaceful please but yes, you can still have an opinion just be mature when expressing. With that in mind, the strike system is voided and bypassed when it comes to uncalled for rudeness; be it to another member or myself.

Gallery Guidelines~!

Cake Related ::
    I am open to any type of art, ranging from clay models to even a photograph of the subject. The only thing that I require and allow to this group is stuff that RELATES/INVOLVES a cake in some way!

Birthday Related ::
    This is only exception where a cake does not have to be included. The piece however needs to show VISIBLE signs is meant for a Birthday; such as a balloons, birthday hat, birthday bubbles on the piece directly, number candles and of course with a cake too! Anything else will be denied. Repeated offenses risk a ban result. I might open for more things later on, perhaps special events but for now this is all I would like here please!
Since I am still learning and in the deciding phase of what should and should not be here, please feel free to ask me about whatever you are thinking of adding if you are unsure and we can learn together! Or go ahead and try to add to the gallery. I will view it and decide from there. If I decide no, I will leave a kind comment on the request log explaining why. Again, since I am new to this and learning so that my foot is not yet firm, don't be afraid to ask!!

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